Sunday, 23 August 2015


Hey guys!

So today, firstly, I want to share something with u about my last christmas in London! Yeah, right, it's past time but I don't want forget that holiday so.. let's start!

I was there by my sister, from 23th to 29th December!

The first day we spent relaxing, we were very tired and had to prepare for the next day. On December 24, the morning I, mom and my sister, we went to Hyde Park and we walked around the event WINTER WONDERLAND. In the late afternoon we bought the last things and mom prepared a wonderful dinner of Christmas Eve. 25 we spent in total relaxation! we were all day to cuddle on the couch, watching so many good movies and eat good things
The following days we spend to walk around in my beautiful London, to review the museums, exhibitions.. one of the things I loved most in this holiday was Notting Hill and Portobello Market♥

You acknowledge this door? Yes it's it!
The door of the home of Hugh Grant in the film 'Notting Hill' with Julia Roberts!
Picadilly Circus!♥

That's all!
I love London, many people say that nothing is really nice here.. but the beauty of London is in the atmosphere.. people.. I love the Brits even though I have known few, but they're so intriguing.. hehe!
Now I know only I'm waiting  to review this magnificent city ASAP!

Ps. have u even been here? what do u think?

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