Wednesday, 2 September 2015


Hey guys,
Today is September 1st but I return with the series of my diary of this year..

Last April I have been in Denmark for the Comenius project, was the third meeting. The trip was different from those that are traveling for the project, instead of being housed with families we were hosted at the College of the participating school. We left on April 12 from the airport of the morning I remember I was very tired because I had slept only a few hours. We landed at lunchtime at the airport in Copenhagen but only at dinner time we arrived at the local college which is located in Middelfart. It was a huge surprise, the place was so quiet and beautiful, surrounded by nature! We were greeted by the students and really, I remember those moments with great gentleness and peace.

In those days spent there we never bored!
I was in the room with my classmates
Every morning we woke up before seven because at half past seven we had breakfast and if we were not in time we did not have enough time to eat. in the mornings we had courses or other activities, I did the course of horse riding, the others were: the artistic, adventure and skate :)
I rode a horse adorable, Jane .. I've always been afraid to touch the horse but with her I found a tune, beautiful experience!

We had an amazing adventure, we were on the island of Mando, and we gone there by a Traktorbus! hehe it was amazing! but before.. we visited the city of Ribe, one of the most ancient in the north europe!
and after?
of course, a luxury dinner hehe!

another day they took us to visit LM WIND POWER, a factory that uses the power of the wind to create energy. In the afternoon we were in the city of Aarhus, the second biggest city in Denmark.. really nice!

unfortunately we only visited the old part of the city of Aarhus, a place full of old houses which now serve to be: MUSEUMS, including that of toys (remember that from here comes the tie, one of my best childhood pastimes : D) and music, and a lot of other nice SHOPS TYPICAL exhibitions :)
The Cook of the College was French and one evening he and the guys, have prepared a delicious dinner!
the last evening, before returning to Italy, we meet again with the guys that last year we hosted here in Italy, here between my beloved Emilie♥
The last day before we left, we visited one of the most beautiful European capitals, Copenhagen. This city is magnificent, full of green, bicycles, tall color buildings, shops, is full of all good! I know one day I will return, and it will be wonderful!♥
Up in the air♥

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