Saturday, 28 September 2013


When school starts is so difficult to be organized, you can schedule days, but you just need a task in class the next day to clear all.
Last saturday I went to Gaeta to see the to see the mountain split called 'pietra spaccata' and to greet the summer and in the evening I made ​​cookies for my dear.

I love the summer, but it's not so with the winter. It scares me, makes me sad.. all white and gray on the streets of the city.
This year I would like to change something, maybe I could use a new hairstyle for this?

 I'm really happy about these photos, it was a dream to photograph the sunset♥..

..and quese are my hit of the moment:

Good Saturday Night to Everybody!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013


When happens the attack on the twin towers of the "World Trade Center" in New York, I was only 5 years old, and I remember little but despite this I think it's fair to remember every year that ugly tragedy, not to forget those 3,000 people injured and 2,752 people died..
This attack led to a response of America:
  • The USA responded by declaring the "War on Terror" and attacking Afghanistan controlled by the Taliban
  • Economic exchanges remained closed for nearly a week, recording huge losses immediately after the re-opening
  • The economy of Lower Manhattan stopped because of the destruction of the offices of the value of billions of dollars

It was built a small memorial, the rebuilding of the "World Trade Center" was more problematic, as a result of disputes arising as to the possible projects and the time required for their completion. The choice of the Freedom Tower for the reconstruction of the site has undergone widespread criticism, leading to the abandonment of some parts of the original project.

Today was the first day for me at school after the holidays, we only had four hours of which two of substitution because it lacked the theacher of Italian&history..
It was nice to see my class after all..
My school has been renovated and is now much larger, my classroom's really pretty, I like so much the new floors :) Tomorrow will come the interactive whiteboards, and next week the new desks.. how nice: D

my today's outfit:

Goodnight to everybody..

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

9 September 2013.♥

For me, the summer isn't over, you have to be precise the summer ends on 21 September ahaha, my friends already at the end of August started with writing 'summer is over'.. but it isn't especially when the days are still nice and hot :)
Tomorrow begins the school for me, and I'm excited, they built a new complex, because my school was divided into two buildings (one where I was, the central plexus, and the other along the sea) now we'll all be together, my friend is already gone and she said that now the school is huge, then this year I should make two trips for cultural exchange! I'm so excited **
Last year we were 18 in the class and this year we will be more, I'll have new professors and this year I promise to myself that I'll study right :)
I wish to you to start a good school year if you have not started yet..
Yesterday I was at the sea, I don't think is the last time I took a bath .. the water was so warm and beautiful :)))

My music drug:

Good afternoon to all.♥