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Sunday, 19 January 2014


Well I have to say that today I'm recovering the post son my blog. 
Tomorrow I leave for the Mountain, I go where I went last year. I'm happy, I had missed the snow and especially skiing :) 
I wish you all a great week, and not to cut you down by problems at school :)♥

Good Night <33

Saturday, 28 September 2013


When school starts is so difficult to be organized, you can schedule days, but you just need a task in class the next day to clear all.
Last saturday I went to Gaeta to see the to see the mountain split called 'pietra spaccata' and to greet the summer and in the evening I made ​​cookies for my dear.

I love the summer, but it's not so with the winter. It scares me, makes me sad.. all white and gray on the streets of the city.
This year I would like to change something, maybe I could use a new hairstyle for this?

 I'm really happy about these photos, it was a dream to photograph the sunset♥..

..and quese are my hit of the moment:

Good Saturday Night to Everybody!