Sunday, 23 February 2014


Yesterday I went with my school to Rome, Stadio Olimpico, to watch the match of rugby, Italy vs Scotland. 
It was the first time I've seen a full match of rugby. 
I have to say it was a beautiful experience and above all fun. It's been nice to see the Scots with skirts, drinking beer and see their complexion even clearer than mine. 
Unfortunately, Italy has lost in the last twenty seconds, 21:20 for Scotland.

Have a nice Sunday, kisses ♥

Friday, 21 February 2014


Ciao a tutti e felice Venerdì sera :) 
Quasi tutta l'Europa il Sabato non è andato a scuola, ma purtroppo in Italia andiamo ogni Sabato. 
Ma per fortuna :) io non andrò domani perché, me e altri trenta persone della mia scuola, ci accingiamo a ROMA allo Stadio Olimpico per assistere alla partita di rugby dove ITALIA giocherà contro la Scozia. 
Sono entusiasta perché sarà la prima volta che vado a vedere una partita di rugby :) 
Go Italia!

.. Qualche tempo fa ho promesso a me stesso che avrei scrivo più posti, per essere in grado di avere lettori fissi, ma purtroppo non è stato possibile .. per la scuola, compiti a casa, pomeriggi passati a scuola di Cambridge e spagnolo, e in particolare per la piscina. 
Mi auguro che da ora in poi lo farò più spesso, perché sto organizzando e sto cercando di non perdere tempo su cose non molto importanti, ma lasciare un po 'di spazio, per scrivere post sul blog, perché mi piace. 
E 'come se io sto memorizzare una parte della mia vita. 

Io vado a cercare online il nuovo episodio di Pretty Little Liar, il 4x20, onestamente aspettavo di più da l'ultimo episodio, ma non c'è motivo di lamentarsi. 

Avere Una bella serata ♥

A little gift for Me.♥

Sunday, 9 February 2014


Finally it's Sunday, although as we all know on Sunday afternoon begins to be a sad moment because it's just that at this time we realize that tomorrow we'll go back to school :(
Yesterday I spent the whole day with my boyfriend and we had a great time, tonight we'll be together again and I honestly can't wait :)

I wish everyone a good Sunday and especially a good evening :)


Thursday, 6 February 2014


Hello to everyone!
  How's your week? 
I have to say I'm tired, today I wrote two checks.. the English and Maths: [
Luckily one more day to Saturday and then finally I will be able to relax, at least for a moment hahaha :)

I'm feeling like I'm going back to a routine of daily life, and honestly I'm not a lover of this style of life. I can't deny that I'm doing the countdown for the next holiday to be able to do something else.. maybe I'm dreaming too far forward but not lying I'm looking forward to the summer to finally swim like a fish in sea water. I'm convinced that you can't wait even though I have many friends who love winter.

Good Night to All!

From Sales.♥

On Sunday I went with my mom to Rome at the mall Euroma2 to buy something because these are the last days of the sales. I bought some nice things but I'm happy especially for the last purchase.. black leather boots from zara on which I found a huge discount! 
And as you have gone shopping?
Two pairs of amazing jeans and really comfortable :)
Long shirts, good with leggings:)
1€ :)
 A really great scarf :)
And these are my fantastic boots, they are so comfortable..
I love them!

Monday, 3 February 2014



1.Me and Katia, one of my schoolmates
2.Me and my Boyfriend
3.With Eleonora, on the snow week in Campitello Matese:)
4.Cakes for Katia's BDay:)
5.Skiing with friends :)

2.With my girls
3.Maltesers, the best way of chocolate
5.With Benny in class
7.My report card.. lol :3
8.Outfit :)

1.Our room in the Mountain :)
3.Earrings :)
4.Studying German :3
5.Dinner at a Chinese restaurant with Ele
6.Me :)
7.Study with Sweetness :)
8.Finally I have my Baby Lips by Maybelline New York
9.Glues :)

4.Go to the top :)
5.Skiing with Gianmarco :)
6.Campitello Matese.

1.The best dinner
2.My classmate Benny is an artist
3.Céline Paris sweatshirt
4.Is the time of the tea.. 
6.Mniam :)