Thursday, 1 October 2015


Hey guys!
Today another post. I want to tell you about my second trip for the Comenius Project, in Turkey.
Starting from the assumption that I shouldn't be the one to go, but two other girls in my group. Unfortunately they weren't able to leave and there was no one wanted or could go for their safety. 
And it that moment I said, maybe I should go? This is my possibility!
My mother told me that I could leave, and right after I convinced one of my dearest friends to go with me :)♥

The 18th May 2015 began this beautiful and completely new experience to a new continent. 
We started from Rome Fiumicino Airport, and from there the problems started. We had to be in four to go, Me, Benny, our english teacher and another. The other professor didn't start because he had the identity card in the short term of validity. And so we started in three. We landed at Istanbul Airport and we found new problems, this time the problems were with me. I had the passport without the proper duration.

 (Warning: for those who have to go to Turkey, or in other places away, you must have a valid document about 150 days, but I recommend 200 to be safe and to don't have other expenses).

The flight that connected our destination, Kayseri, was one hour from the start but seeing all those people and not leaving my problem, we were sure that we would have missed the flight even if we tried.. so we went to extend the duration of my passport. 
Luckily on flights of Turkish Airlines they offered us food, good enough for what I know to eat in air hehe. 
Finally how we had to be in the afternoon in Kayseri, we landed at night, about 23 o'clock.
I was hosted by the family of Ceyda and B by another girl that she didn't knew. Our teacher was accompanied in the Hotel.

As soon as I got home I got a nice shower, I talked to my mom and my boyfriend and I went to sleep. In the morning, Ceyda's mother has prepared a good breakfast, I tasted their yummy bread but instead of making the savory breakfast I was offered their 'Nutella' :)

I really can't  say a nothing bad, Ceyda and his family did everything they could for me, they welcomed me like their real daughter/sister :')♥
In the following days we saw so many things, we have been in a place where they create a ceramics, we saw in live the creation of a ceramic plate,. We saw many cities, underground city.. including Cappadocia! A wonderful place, that if I could teleport I would be there..♥ 
Turks have many traditions, a different way of thinking and living, and so I started to really appreciate their culture, the people are very friendly, engaging and love food!
Our group was not big, we were in 14, in 2 from Italy, 3 girls from Denmark, 2 from Spain and the guys that we hosted. I were very close with Ceyda♥
She's really a very sweet girl and delicate. She left her room for me, very nice! 
Really, this trip has been a great surprise, I learned a lot. THANK YOU!♥