Friday, 7 August 2015


I'm not here for almost a year!:O
This year have happened to me so many beautiful things as ugly ones.
I'll not talk about the bad things but only the positive.
First of all the 8 June I finished my fourth year of high school, in terms of school grades is gone very well, so this year 2015/16 I'll do the maturity.. stressed? nooo hahaha..I think the key thing is the constancy and memory, nothing else!
I spend a long time to get a driver's license! You don't know how happy I was on 5 June when I got it!
I traveled in London, in Poland, in Denmark and in Turkey.. the last two trips I made through the Comenius project..I had a great time! I'll write soon about..

This summer I had to go to London for two months but for two of my personal commitments I wasn't able to go.. I wasn't anywhere, except for single I'm going to the beach here in my city and in close towns and in the evening I'm working in a restaurant..

 I'm writing while I have a terrible sore throat because of all these temperature changes, I'm really bad, I hope I will recover by tomorrow!
a kiss and a big hug!♥

 I literally love this song! Renegades by X Ambassadors!
"Go forth and have no fear".. lala

I missed writing.. oh if I missed..see you asap!♥

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