Wednesday, 12 March 2014


1.Me on the Rugby Match, Italy VS Scotland
2.Yummy yogurt :3
4.Tea time for me and my boyfriend
5.Little Shopping with my mom in Rome :)
6.I tried the new FRONZIES CHOCO, are yummyyy :3
7.After the swimming pool :)
8.Baking muffins for my love :*
9.The best awakening in Sunday morning, with Miley on MTV :)
10.The best purchase of February <3
11.The wall of my room, with photos ordinates at heart :)
12.A photo of me and my boy on my bed table :)
13.Sunday Night with friends :)
14.Me and my classmate :)
15.Black&White :)
16.Me and my friend playing badminthon :)
17.Cool text notes :)
18.Geographic map of the British Isles :)

20.Asian cuisine :3
21.Before the competition with my friend T:)
22.Carnival Sweets:)
24.My mom cooks the best Spaghetti with salmon! *--*
25.Carnival Sweets :)
26.Little gift :)
27.With classmates at the Rugby Match :)

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