Sunday, 19 January 2014


Well I thought a long time about this Post, Do or Not? But at the end but I chose the first. 
I have to say that the SALE are similar to those that I can find in Italy. 
There is always a date that begins  the day of the sales, in London on December 26 called the Boxing Day. And as in Italy, unfortunately they don't put all the merchandise on sale, but only one additional type of converse in different patterns, for example.

I bought a few things, maybe I would have bought more if I had more space in the suitcase.. ahaha♥

1.These sweatshirts I look for a really long time but I finally found in London
2.These one I bought from THE STING Store in Picadilly :)
3. I love this shirt from PRIMARK
4.Oh this is my treasure, It's from FOREVER21
5. Basics Shirts from PRIMARK
6.Really freat Jeans from FOREVER21 
7.And this amazing skirt from PRIMARK for only 2Pounds ;)

 8. Timberland Boots :)
9. I think this was the best purchase, I bought this heels of genuine leather from ALDO for only 7 from 60Pounds!:)
10.Slippers from PRIMARK

12.Telephone Cover :)
13. Pens, the first from MT, the second from Tower Hill and the last was a gift :)
15. a fantastic headband for hair from PRIMARK
16.BATTISTE, the dry shampoo, I search for it in many places but nothing, In UK I fount it everywhere :)
17. Nail Polish from H&M :)
18.A clutch from PRIMARK
19.Acessories for Hairs :)

I think It's everything. I really enjoyed Shopping in London and I hope to return soon!:)

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